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Top Picks for Canine Companionship in Doggy Literature

“Fall Reads Unleashed: A Pawsitively Tail-Wagging Book Review”

As the crisp autumn leaves fall, I’ve gathered a stack of captivating reads to share with fellow animal enthusiasts. A quick note: I’m fortunate to receive many books, and as a dedicated reader of dog and cat literature, I’ve handpicked four gems from my recent stack, with a promise – no bad reviews here.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top canine and literary treasures I’ve discovered this season.

1. For the Dog Obsessed: “Dog Lessons” by Hersch Wilson

“Dive into heartfelt stories that illustrate how much we can learn from dogs – as long as we’re open to learning. Whether you’re nodding, laughing, or shedding a tear in recognition, this narrative and meditative journey is a must-read for dog lovers.”

Hint, hint: A perfect holiday gift for the dog aficionados in your life.

2. For the Young Reader: “Canis Magicus” by Heidi Colonna

“With a title as enchanting as the story itself, this adventure is tailored for young readers around age 9. Join a young girl finding her voice alongside special dogs she meets, including sweet Greta and the mysterious Al. A heartfelt tale woven from personal narratives and a genuine love for our canine companions.”

3. For the Mystery Lover: “Playing Dead” by Peggy Rothschild

“A confession: I accidentally started with the second book in the series, but it stands alone brilliantly. A speedy mystery with dogs at its core, this cozy read will keep you on your toes. Add both books to your cart for a double dose of canine mysteries this fall!”

4. For the Problem Solver: “Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs” by Annie Phenix

“If you’re navigating life with an aggressive, reactive, or fearful dog, consider this book a game-changer. Packed with modern techniques and compassionate strategies, it’s a valuable resource that could have saved me tears and years during our early days with Lucas.”

What’s Next on My Reading List:

  • A re-read of “Dog Songs” by Mary Oliver: “A lovely collection of poems about dogs that I’m eager to rediscover after recently finishing Oliver’s ‘Devotions.'”

  • Decoding Your Cat by American College of Veterinary Behaviorists: “Following the joy I found in ‘Decoding Your Dog,’ I’m diving into this insightful exploration of common cat behaviors.”

By the way, if audio is your preferred reading companion, grab two free books with an Audible Plus subscription. Happy reading, and may your fall be filled with literary delights and furry tales! πŸΎπŸ“š